About Cheryl Kampe

Cheryl Kampe

My Background and Experience

I started painting full time after retiring from my career.  In my early experience with watercolors, I fell in love with the qualities of this medium – the vivid colors and the expression of fine detail.  I enjoy interpreting what I see thru color and imagination.  From those days, I have worked to develop a full range of skills and techniques for each of the media I use.

I have enjoyed the benefit of learning in workshops from Oneida Hammond, Anne Pember, Guy Magalanes, Karen Honaker, Dale Laitinen, Jane Hofstetter, Mark Farina, Warren Chang,  and Randy Sexton. I paint at my studio in Pacific Grove and with my very talented friends. I am now painting local subjects on the Monterey Peninsula and enjoying the support of the many creative artists in this community.

I have recently completed a series of local scenes to capture the beauty of the Monterey Peninsula Coast.  In a series of trees and cottages, I have included elements both of the sunshine and the sea mist that defines the light of this region.

I enjoy painting my florals “differently”, using bold composition and vivid color. I also enjoy painting portraits, landscapes, and Monterey Peninsula wildlife. In all of these topics I find a special thrill in capturing the mood and feeling of the subject.

You will see in the Galleries works in watercolors, acrylics, pastels, and oils.  I have found the challenge of learning the special attributes of each of these media to help keep my outlook fresh.  Each brings a distinctive character to a subject.

I continue showing my paintings and becoming involved in the art community of the Monterey Peninsula.  I hope you enjoy the works presented in the Galleries of this website.  See the Contact page to connect to me on Facebook.

Cheryl Kampe