Recent Work


The octopus is one of the difficult subjects to paint because he doesn't exactly make himself available for portraits. Fortunely, a local and renowned underwater photographer has made an image available as a model. This adds to a set of sea critters that include a sea otter, jellies, and a leafy sea dragon.

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Watercolor - 30" x 22" - 2013


I now have a studio at the Pacific Grove Art Center - Studio 5.  I am often there painting when the Art Center is open.  Please stop by if you have the chance.  568 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove.

Areas of Interest

The mood and character of the Central Coast environment provides a major inspiration for my work.   An initial series of more realistic watercolors called "As I See It" led to a series of abstract paintings called "Elements of Nature".  Though this form was new for me, these paintings are also inspired by the same aspects of the coast, especially the waves meeting the shore in an endless variety of patterns and moods.  I am pleased to have received 1st place at the Los Gatos show for my painting titled "The Wave".

The series of paintings in the Urban Landscapes collection were inspired by the more modern feel of acrylics as opposed to watercolors.  While watercolors fit the timeless nature of the coastal scenes, the acrylics called for newer subjects.  This urban series still gives me the chance to look beyond the details of a studied scene, and instead capture the impression left by a quick glance.

Coming Shows

The Monterey County Artist Studio Tour proved to be one of the highlights for 2012 and will repeat for 2013, with 5 artists at my studio location.  I've also hung a watercolor series called "Cycles - Saddles -Chrome" at the Jameson Classic Motorcycle Museum in Pacific Grove.  The Capitola event proved to be absolutely a delight.  And if you are in San Diego in October, stop by the San Diego Watercolor Society to check out my entry in this major show.

10/22/12 - Ongoing Jameson's Classic Motorcycle Museum, 305 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove, CA
09/14/13 - 09/15/13 Capitola Art and Wine Festival, Capitola, CA
09/28/13 - 09/29/13 Monterey Artists Studio Tour
10/01/13 - 10/30/13 San Diego International Watercolor Show (juried entry)