Featured Work at Venture Gallery


I will be the featured artist at Venture Gallery, Monterey, during the month of November. My exhibit is titled "Tapestry". These oil and cold wax paintings are inspired by my family heritage in Chimayo, New Mexico. When visiting New Mexico as a child I was always aware of my mother’s history there. People travel from far and near for the healing properties of the sands of El Santuario.

Tapestry in Teal and Amber
Tapestry in Teal and Amber

The area is also known for the beautiful blankets weaved by the locals, including my uncle Lawrence. These blankets have adorned our families’ homes all my life and are the inspiration for these paintings.

Uncle Lawrence
Uncle Lawrence reminiscing at his loom.

New Website

I'm thrilled to announce my new website where you can shop for prints of my work. The site enables you to order media, sizes, and matting and framing finishes to fit your needs.


My Art

I'm an artist living and painting on the Monterey Peninsula. Much of my inspiration for subjects and themes comes from the local area, while additional subjects emerge from various travels, both around California and beyond.

I started painting with watercolors and evolved and expanded my subject range and the media I use. At every step, I've worked to develop my skills to achieve a variety of effects to suit the subject. This approach keeps my creativity fresh and sustains my energy to produce new work. You can explore the range of my work from the Paintings.

Many of the Trees represent the rich color and fine detail of watercolor. Acrylics allow a more abstract and textured result such as the Urban Landscapes. Pastels bring a softer feeling and a tactile experience for many of my Coastal Scenes and Familiar Surroundings. Oils have been the perfect medium for California Landscapes.

Recently I have discovered oil and cold wax for a more textured and layered result applied in more experimental paintings such as Abstracts.

Cheryl Kampe